Deep fried potato wedges

Potatoes are such a fun time meal and can blend in with almost every meat dish and salad too.

Yummy Creamy Spinach

Green vegetables are great for your health. Spinach is naturally soft and can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to many meals.

This yummy creamy spinach can be enjoyed with our local ugali, rice, or as a side dish to your favorite meal.

Chicken and Chips (with a twist)

Chicken is a wholesome meat choice that can be made in innumerable ways. For lovers of white meat, chicken offers a huge number of ways of preparation and serving. Apart from it being absolutely delicious, chicken has very many health benefits. First, chicken helps build body muscle and is good for heart health. Gentlemen, chicken...

Smooth Banana

This is by far the easiest smoothie to make. I like to serve it for breakfast during warm weather with some toasted bread and sausage. Bananas are already smooth and creamy on their own and their texture blends in perfectly when you make a smoothie or a shake. Bananas are a great way to help...

Citrus Vibes

The new found addiction in my household is pixies. Those fruits are an amazing burst of juice and flavor. I love to have things in plenty (especially fruits) because it makes you get creative on how to serve them. Pixies, like oranges are very high in vitamin C. We all know how important it is...

Banana Berry explosion

Bananas blend in very well with almost all fruits in the market, making it one of my favorite fruits. If you’re ever feeling low on energy during a working day bananas are your go to fruit, they provide an instant energy boost. They also help reduce blood pressure and contain antioxidants which are great for...

Salmon Recipe

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