Chicken and Chips (with a twist)

Chicken is a wholesome meat choice that can be made in innumerable ways. For lovers of white meat, chicken offers a huge number of ways of preparation and serving.
Apart from it being absolutely delicious, chicken has very many health benefits. First, chicken helps build body muscle and is good for heart health. Gentlemen, chicken helps boost testosterone levels, so make this your meat of choice.
Fun fact; have you ever wondered why chicken is addictive, it helps relieve stress. That’s why chicken is always a feel good meal.
Here is one of my households’ favorite recipes, chicken and chips (with a twist)

Yummy Creamy Spinach

Green vegetables are great for your health. Spinach is naturally soft and can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to many meals.

This yummy creamy spinach can be enjoyed with our local ugali or sima in swahili, rice or biriyani, or as a side dish to your favorite meal.

The best way to enjoy veggies is if they are roughly chopped as opposed to fine chopping them.